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Our Story

Our history and background in Ghaderi wood and furniture industry goes back to about 40 years ago. Just when Ghaderi carpentry, managed by the father and two sons of the Ghaderi family, started its activity in the field of furniture production and buying and selling in the 60s with trust in God. In these years, with the efforts and perseverance of our empathetic and hardworking staff, we have been able to establish the brand of Najjarkhane Ghaderi and Adam va Hava furniture, which is one of the major subcategories of the Ghaderi brand in the field of furniture, in our beloved country of Iran. We are proud that so far, thanks to the great God and the efforts of the great Ghaderi collection, we have covered more than 300 experienced and professional personnel in several workshops, productions and exhibitions in Tehran and around Tehran. All the efforts of Ghaderi Group until today is to produce and present the most high-quality, up-to-date and stylish wooden products, especially royal furniture, and we thank God that by having experienced and professional personnel, we have been able to achieve this goal and continue to do so. We have put this vision at the top of our work. One of our greatest honors in Ghaderi wood and furniture industries, in addition to having a large Ghaderi factory in the Kamard industrial area, is having numerous workshops in Tehran and outside Tehran, which we have tried to do by entrusting the work to our old, experienced and professional personnel. We want to make a useful contribution to the economy and quality of life in the areas covered by furniture production. And we thank God that with the support and welcome of you dear customers and God’s grace, we have been able to fulfill part of our social responsibility towards the growth and prosperity of our dear people. And finally, our biggest goal is to produce the most high-quality and stylish products to present to you dear friends of Ghaderi wood and furniture industries and healthy competition with all domestic and foreign competitors.

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